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Easily Record Internet Radio and Play it Back on the CC WiFi Internet Radio

There is now a very slick way to record your favorite radio talk show or music and play it back on the CC WiFi Internet Radio. Introducing DAR.FM. You may have heard of a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for recording TV, now there is a DAR (Digital Audio Recorder) for radio. It's almost like TiVo for radio. 


DAR.FM is an online service that allows you to record more than 1,800 radio shows from the internet, storing content online, and offering playback at your direction. All this is done without having to pay any subscription fees or sign up for any contracts. You could consider this your own personal podcasting program for most any radio programing.

Here is a list of programs that can be recorded
(Click any link below to begin recording with DAR.FM)

With DAR you can record music from any available internet radio station. DAR will break up each song individually (like a separate track) allowing you to to collect all your favorite songs in a library.  From your library you can play the song or download it to your computer for playback later. 

Playback DAR.FM files with the CC WiFi Internet Radio

Now combine the functionality of DAR with the versatility of the CC WiFi Internet Radio and you have one of the best music/talk show playing jukeboxes ever made.  Its easy to use. Just go to "My Stuff" (on the radio) and select "My MP3tunes" for a list of everything that you have recorded on DAR. Now playback the audio, pause, or skip to the next segment. That's it. 

  1. To get started go to DAR.FM and setup a free account. 

  2. Choose which shows to record from DAR.FM. 

  3. Next, register your CC WiFi Internet Radio with Reciva

  4. From inside your free Reciva account, select MP3Tunes from "See Extra Features".

  5. Use the same login email and password as with DAR.FM to login with MP3tunes.

  6. When finished, unplug your radio from power and plug it in again. Once the radio restarts, go to "My Stuff" and select "My MP3tunes". 

  7. Select your recording to play and your done! 

NOTE: With a free account you can only get 2 GB worth of online storage for recordings. This is about 30 - 70  hours worth depending on quality. It is possible to download and erase your online files for continued usage of the free service.

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