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Is WiFi Internet?

Apparently, this is a very good question, because every month 1.8 million ask Google "Is WiFi Internet?".

Our Best Answer:   "Most of the time"
I say "most of the time" because nowadays WiFi technology is a catchword for "wireless internet". Internet access is so widespread that most WiFi routers are connected in some way to the Internet. On the other hand, WiFi is not always Internet. If someone has a WiFi router that is not connected to the internet, then people who connect to it will not be able to access the internet.

Without Internet, WiFi can still be useful in many ways.

Uses for WiFi  (other than Internet)

•    WiFi allows file sharing between computers

•    WiFi allows your smart cell phone (like Android and iPhone) to connect and control your computer

•    WiFi allows your X-Box or PlayStation3 (PS3) to play music and videos from your computer

•    WiFi allows your security camera to store footage on your computer

•    WiFi allows you to wirelessly transfer photos and movies from your digital camera to your computer or backup drive.

•    WiFi allows you to wirelessly send music to speakers that are located in another part of your house.

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