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Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 - In the Rain

Stress Test:  In the worst northern California storm of the year, the "Super3" maintained a strong WiFi connection to a distant site throughout the night. 


Super3 Unboxed
(15 foot USB Cable, Driver CD, Quick Start Guide, Hanging Lanyard, Cable Tie, Hook and Loop Material, (2) Suction Cups, (2) Rubber Grommets)

Optional Accessory
(30 foot USB Cable - Type-A x2 to Mini-B Connector )
This USB cable works great for using the Super3 antenna outside, way up high, on a pole or roof top. I can get almost any long range WiFi signal in town. 
Do It Yourself  - How to Weatherproof the USB Antenna Connection 

Instead of using the included rubber grommets to protect the cable connection from the weather, you can instead use Coax-Seal. We show you how to wrap it around the connector without causing connection problems. You can visit www.ccrane.com/WiFi-Antennas/Super-USB-WiFi-Antenna-3-High-Power-Long-Range-80211-B-G-N-Wireless for the Super USB WiFi Antenna 3, or www.ccrane.com/WiFi-Accessories/Coax-Seal-10-Inch-Roll for the coax-seal.

Super Feedback
"I've been able to exercise my Super Wifi Antenna 3 every day since my arrival here in Tacoma. Moving it around to various windows in my parents' home to try and find the best spot for the few open networks in this neighborhood has been an interesting adventure. Reminds me a bit of doing similar things with my ham radio! I ended up placing the antenna out on the porch suspended from a nail already there for Christmas decorations. It works great from this spot."

- Dan

<< Marine WiFi Antenna 
(Super3 Inside)

As we know salt water and even salt air can corrode just about anything. Here's what one Super3 user says:

"I constructed this cover of schedule 40, 2inch PVC, with a 3/4 inch mast. I temporarily located it here at roof level until I get the courage to climb the mast. It appears that there is no loss with the antenna inside this unit. I followed your instructions of using the "coax seal" tape before enclosing it in this cover. Thanks for all your help!

- Steve"

Here is Steve's assembly guide.



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